Chaos is sure to ensue!

Tomorrow night should be an interesting experience; our daughter’s best pal, who is also six years old, is spending the night. A- is already primed and excited to share her bunk bed with her pal, who gets the top bunk, the place of honor because that’s where our cat sleeps! We’re expecting late night giggling and random thunks and sneaking into the kitchen late into the night (at least 9pm, which is very late to our kids!)
A- has already told me that I get to share the room with them so that they won’t get too scared in the middle of the night, but if she thinks I’m going to lay there, trapped, with two little whirling balls of silliness and emotional tsunami’s over the slightest misstep, she’s, well, wrong. 🙂

2 comments on “Chaos is sure to ensue!

  1. It’s now “tomorrow night” at 11:15pm and as far as I can tell the two girls have passed out and are asleep. A- usually goes to sleep at around 7.30pm (8pm on a weekend) so it was interesting to see them sharing a bed and giggling at 10pm. And a bit frustrating too, I admit, because her friend is an only kid and isn’t used to the “keep quiet so you don’t wake the little one”. So a few times I had to go into the room and tell them to keep it down.
    But as far as I can tell – as a guy – that’s a normal part of a multi-girl sleepover experience anyway. Lots of giggling and the cranky parent sticking their head in the door saying “keep it down!” and “go to sleep already!” as the night progresses.
    The interesting part will be tomorrow morning, perhaps, where they’ll either be complete zombies staggering around or they’ll be lively and excited to have shared this adventure together.
    And as for me, well, staying up late giggling and telling stories sounds pretty darn nice…

  2. It’s the evening of the next day and things were pretty smooth overall, though the two little monkeys woke up at about 6am and started yelling and chasing the cat (a no-no in our house). That was kinda crazy, but overall, a good experience for all!
    Of course, A- has been completely exhausted all day and it took her about 45 seconds to go to sleep tonight, but that’s alright. Somehow we survived a very, very tired girl all day and one of the last things she said this evening as she went to sleep was “I want to have another sleepover!”

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