Australian debate on breastfeeding

As if there aren’t more important things to worry about in the modern world, apparently a newswoman had the temerity to breastfeed her newborn baby while on television, and now Australia is embroiled in a great discussion on the matter. You can learn more about it at the BBC World Service, where they’ve an article appropriately entitled Australian breastfeeds live on TV. The only good thing is that because they’re Aussies, the people against the breastfeeding display are characterized as being “a bit hissy”. But still…

3 comments on “Australian debate on breastfeeding

  1. Oh my god!!! I don’t get the uproar of it all. The baby needs to be fed so let the child feed!
    People don’t get in an uproar about grown people eating in public? we actually condole it and better still make it a a part of our everyday lives! As a mother of three children that i breast fed for an average of 15 months each I see no problem with it! Although through that time i did get some obscene comments and very rude gestures but i was determined to do what we mothers are meant to do … and that is what is right for our children!!!!

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