Safe Surfing for Your Children

One of the most insidious problems on the Internet today is the same thing that makes it a remarkable and fascinating place: it’s completely egalitarian and everyone has a voice. Everyone, including lots of people that I want to protect my children from encountering. And that, of course, brings up the topic of online pornography: whether or not you think it should be online, and whether or not it’s legal, it’s quite likely something you don’t want your children seeing. But solving that problem can be difficult, which is why I’m glad to share the link I’ve added on this site to, run by my friend Joel Comm. Whether you’ve a Windows or Mac OS X system, if you’re concerned about the kind of online material your children (or you!) are encountering, then I encourage you to check out the many software solutions available at And when you’re done there, don’t miss Joels’ WorldVillage family safe Internet guide too.

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