New Babies and Baby Names

Well, the big news in our household is… it’s a girl!. We had our third homebirth – in a birthing tub this time around – it went swimmingly, and she’s a healthy 7lb, 6oz newborn, cute as a button, but no name yet…
And after being unimpressed with the baby name Web sites on the net, I built a new one for us to use as we explore almost 10,000 different names, and you’re certainly welcome to use it too: It’s certainly simpler and less overrun by advertisements than the other sites I visited online.
I’ll post an update once we have a name for the little one!

4 comments on “New Babies and Baby Names

  1. Hey I think that is really kul that u r having home births. i dont think that i could ever do that. i am only 15 right now and am 4 months pregnant. i am having a boy woohoo. me and my boyfriend were thinking about names him Adrian Nathaniel which i personally think is a beautiful name.
    Anyways its difficult to figure out a name there is just so many so i wish you luck on picking out a name.

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