Update on bicycles and training wheels

It’s been almost 10 days now, and G- continues to amaze and impress with his bicycling skills. We went on a 1.5 mile bike ride this morning, including some dirt trails and he did fabulously. He kept up, made it up The Big Hill without having to stop and walk, and this on a little “Pretty Puppy” bike (a hand-me-down from his sister) with no gears. Amazing.
One tip: when it’s time to pull off the training wheels, let them get started on a bike that seems too small for them, because being lower to the ground lowers the center of gravity which makes it easier to balance and promotes a strong sense of accomplishment even if they’re not the most coordinated.

3 comments on “Update on bicycles and training wheels

  1. My husband and I butted heads on this one. My father in-law purchased a bike for my daughter. Her feet don’t touch the ground on it yet. She needs to grow 1 – 2 inches. We bought training wheels for the bike. We took her out in my neighborhood and instantly, my husband and I had two different approaches to teaching her. (Although he said he’s right, I’m wrong). Help, is this the person I couldn’t keep my hands off ten years ago…anyway, I feel like her experience with learning to ride a bike was ruined. My husband then put both training wheels very high – he even screwed on bracket into the frame so that I wouldn’t screw it lower. I roll my eyes yet my daughter is more assertive than me. She demanded “you need to lower those training wheels so that I can ride my bike.”. Will he? I don’t know but I’m getting some lessons very early on as we continue to raise our children together.

  2. Training wheels do not help you learn the fundamentals of balance on two wheels. They do not help teach the fundamentals of counter-steering.
    I learned to ride when I was four years old. My dad found a bike on the side of the road, brought it home and pushed me off on my way.
    I agree with Dave who suggests starting on a two wheel scooter, the fundamentals are going to be the same. Counter steering, leaning, etc.

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