When is a baby too young for a stroller?

I’m visiting the discussion communities on social Web site Orkut this evening and found an interesting discussion in their “Parenting” community. It’s a community that has a lot more in common with Parent magazine than Mothering magazine, that’s for sure. The discussion of the evening was about when a baby is too young to be in a stroller. The person asking the question was asking about a baby that was only three weeks old. Of the nine responses, only one even mentioned that carrying the baby could be a viable solution when they’re that young.

The discussion was rather amazing to me, really, because I interpret it as yet another example of how parents are so quick to push their babies away, even from the very first few weeks. It’s a core question about attachment parenting, of course: should we, as parents, be prioritizing independence over attachment?

3 comments on “When is a baby too young for a stroller?

  1. There will be plenty of time in life for independence. The first few weeks are so criticial in helping the newborn transition into his new world. It seems almost cruel to me to insist that a 3 week old needs to learn independence at such an early age. Three weeks old is absolutely too young for my own babies to be in a stroller. I much prefer to snuggle my babies close to me in a sling or pouch. Besides carrying them for their emotional well-being, I get the added benefit of having 2 hands free instead of being tied up pushing a stroller.

  2. I don’t think it’s ever too late, actually. Just realize that if you haven’t been using AP and you switch, it’s pretty darn hard to switch back if you decide you don’t like it.
    Good luck!

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