A Conference to Attend: Waldorf in the Home

If you’re even curious about attachment parenting, you should already own a copy of Rahima Baldwin Dancy’s excellent book You Are Your Children’s First Teacher. What you might not know about Rahima, though, is that she hosts a couple of excellent AP/Waldorf conferences each year and this year, this October to be specific, she’s hosting Waldorf in the Home at Shining Mountain Waldorf School in Boulder, Colorado.

Rahima and I are friends and colleagues, so it wasn’t completely surprising when she asked me to get involved, and I have: I’ll be hosting a session Saturday afternoon:

Staying Grounded as a Father in a Crazy World

This will be a discussion group for men, providing an opportunity to hear how others are juggling work and home and what they find Waldorf brings to the mix.

There are additional connections too: I’m on the board of trustees at Shining Mountain Waldorf School (and you can learn much more about our wonderful Waldorf K12 school at our snazzy new Web site).

You can learn more about the conference at the Informed Family Life web site, or just sign up and make your travel arrangements to visit beautiful Boulder, Colorado on October 23rd and 24th for a weekend of fun, information and thought-provoking discussion!

2 comments on “A Conference to Attend: Waldorf in the Home

  1. I wondering if you or someone you may know has any information in regards to Waldorf early childhood testing. My children attend waldorf school and have been asked to be tested by the school in regards to IQ, and medicinal tests.
    We do see a physician recomnended by the school and have used remedies prescribed by the physician. However, we are reluctant to agree to such testing and are seeking other information in regards to such requirements prior to having an full understanding of the the evaluations.

  2. Thomas, sounds like a tough situation but it also sounds like there’s some unspoken issue between your family and the school? Perhaps a candid conversation would help clear the air? In terms of IQ and medicinal tests, I think it would be quite reasonable to ask what they are trying to ascertain and/or rule out…

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