Eventually, just about every kid has homework

Unless you’re one of the few who practice unschooling, there will come a time when your kids are going to have homework from school and are going to need assistance from you to complete the assignment. In the earlier grades it’s fun but as they proceed in the years, the material becomes more sophisticated and, frankly, harder.

That’s why I’m glad to share that a good friend of mine, Barbara Feldman, has just launched a new Web site called Surfnet Parents, which will offer a nice starting spot for navigating through homework help sites online.

Here’s how Barbara announced this new site: “Last week I mentioned that I would be announcing a few new sites in the
New Year. Well, I just couldn’t wait, and even though it still needs some
polishing, I’m thrilled to announce Surf Net Parents, a site offering
educational family activities to help children ages five to twelve become
strong readers, good students, and responsible citizens.”

Rather than just pointing to history, math and English resources, though, Surfnet Parents focuses more on helping parents learn how to help their children work on specific assignments, including history, math, and science.

If you’re finding that your children’s homework is leaving you with a bit of performance anxiety coupled with a fear that you aren’t helping your children learn, you’re simply doing the assignments for them, I highly encourage you to pop over to Surfnet Parents and have a look around.

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