We’ll help you pick a great baby name!

Before our third baby K- was born, Linda and I spent lots of time looking through baby name books and even phone books and professional directories, seeking inspiration. We also tried online baby name directories, but were uniformly unimpressed with their search technologies or how their results were displayed. None of them really helped us find a great name, though.
So I built my own name search tool, which is now, only 13 months after our baby was born (at home), integrated into the Attachment Parenting web site!

Look over to the right: below the different “Articles and Information” listings there’s now an entry called baby name dictionary. If you click on that link, you’ll find that you can quickly search through almost 10,000 different name meanings to find your best match, or even just to look up your name or you child’s name to see what it means.
Here are two definitions to get you started:
Dave: from David –> The beloved, the adored one. The famous Israelite king of the Bible, and the patron saint of Wales. Also see Davidson (origin: Biblical)
Linda: Pretty One (origin: Spanish) or Pretty. Also a nickname from Belinda (origin: Spanish)
Have a spin, see what you think, and let us know!

7 comments on “We’ll help you pick a great baby name!

  1. While the traditional angel names are still important – Michael, Rachel, Gabriel, Daniel; there are still a lot of beautiful and unique angel names that haven’t been used much or at all – Sofiel, Mihael, Cathetel. There are thousands.

  2. Im having twin girls. I love Lauren Michaela for baby A.I dont know what to name baby B. Can you give me some suggestions?

  3. We are trying to name our baby girl. Here are two names we like: Emma Taylor Hutchison or Maya Taylor Hutchison. What do people like more?

  4. Faye, I just heard this name the other day and thought it was pretty. It goes nicely with Lauren. It’s Leyla (lay la). To me Leyla Grace sounds pretty…but I think middle names are something special.

  5. Lauren means “crowned with laurel”, so how about Stephanie for girl #2? That also relates to being crowned. And somehow “Stephanie Ann” has a nice ring to it…
    Jess, tough call, both Emma and Maya are lovely names. I might lean a bit towards Maya as it’s a bit more unusual so your girl would be less likely to have someone in her class with the same first name…

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