Another of those “only a parent would laugh” moments

This evening I was fielding all three of our kids, 8, 5 and 1, while Linda was out having sushi with some friends. I whipped up some pot stickers, turkey rollups and french fries (yes, I was cooking for little kids: they loved it) and we ate at the kitchen counter, as we always do when Mom’s away.
Dinner was going well – though K-, our 1yo, didn’t last long before she started playing the Drop Food on the Floor for Doggie game! – until my 5yo boy, G-, had to go to the bathroom. So he hopped off the stool, ran downstairs and.. well, nothing happened and we didn’t hear anything for rather a while.

Finally, I sent down the 8yo and she vanished too. A few minutes later I yelled down “hey! what’s happenin’ down there?” and she yelled out “we’re out of toilet paper!”
I yelled back “hang on, I’ll get some!” but before I could even move out of the kitchen, G- hobbles in, shorts and underwear at his ankles, and says “Daddy, we’re out of toilet paper.”
Uh huh. Only a parent could love that moment.
I, of course, dispatched him promptly back to the bathroom and zipped down with a spare roll.
Another parenting crisis just barely averted. 🙂

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