The perfect washer, or social engineering at its worst?

I’m reading through the BBC News this morning when I bump into this article:
Washing Machine Fingers Lazy Male
A Spanish designer has come up with what could be the perfect solution for the woman who feels frustrated that she has to do all the house chores.
It is a washing machine called “Your Turn”, which will not let the same person use it twice in a row.
It uses fingerprint recognition technology to ensure the job of loading is not dumped on just one individual.

Pep Torres was approached by a Spanish white goods manufacturer to come up with an innovative Father’s Day gift.
“I thought it would be good to finish with macho man from the ice age who doesn’t do anything around the house except drink beers,” said Torres, from DeBuenaTinta in Barcelona.
“Spain is changing a lot, and I wanted to come up with an invention to enable men to do more around the home.”
Um, this is an “enabling” technology? And speaking as a man who is pretty darn involved with housework, isn’t it a bit presumptuous, insulting and sexist to say that you need to create technological solutions to what seem to be more communications and role equality issues in relationships?
Ah well, it’s a great concept, though, especially as a father’s day gift, of all things!

3 comments on “The perfect washer, or social engineering at its worst?

  1. This is one of those inventions that’s more useful as a conversation piece than as a practical appliance. Seems to me it would start more arguments in a family than solve them. Dave’s right: Communication, compromise and respect would probably get more clothes washed.

  2. What if one of you goes out of town? The one left behind will have to go to a laundromat to wash your clothes while this marvel of engineering sits idle at home.

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