I’m proud of my sister’s beautiful art!

I just had to share this: My sister, who blogs at art dolls.info, has been working on merging dollmaking with soft sculpture, with remarkable results. Her work has appeared in books, magazines, she’s been in art galleries, and now she’s the featured doll artist of the month at Doll Street Dreamers
Please take a minute and check out her art: Doll Artist of the Month, then find out how she makes her dolls (and give her some inbound links if you can!) at her Fabric Art Blog.

Here’s a self-portrait of the artist:

Self portrait, Judi Wellnitz, doll artist

Perhaps aptly titled This Is Really Strange…. 🙂

2 comments on “I’m proud of my sister’s beautiful art!

  1. In my opinion Judi Wellnitz is absolutely brilliant. Her dolls are so evocative and charming, her postcards are a delight and her domino necklaces get rave comments. She has a great blog site and I recommend her work and thoughts to everyone

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