5yo boy + pair of scissors = scary haircut!

I supposed we’ve been living on borrowed time for the last almost nine years, having children who all have beautiful long hair and having lots of pairs of scissors around, but in fact, today was the first time we’ve had a chance to learn what happens when the two combine without supervision.

Linda took the kids over to Grandma’s house for the afternoon and as my 5yo son G- relates it, he was busy playing and got really annoyed with the hair constantly being in his eyes.

So he did what any other self-possessed, determined young chap would do, he snagged a pair of scissors and without anyone even knowing it had happened, gave himself a bit of a trim…

To be fair, it’s not as terrible as it could be. When my Mom was a child, she and a pal gave her younger sister a haircut. A haircut that apparently was ghastly terrible. So, not quite that bad.

But still, it was quite a surprise to see G- walk in the door with his relatively long blonde hair and, well, super-short bangs.

So it’s not life threatening, and there are certainly plenty of people who have much more dire problems in their families than a bad haircut, but I’m still looking forward to it growing out. Just a bit. Well, maybe an inch or two…

Any other funny kid haircut stories out there?

6 comments on “5yo boy + pair of scissors = scary haircut!

  1. Oh yeah … my sisters, when they were kids …
    My mom went into my dad’s study to find hair all over the floor. She then found my two younger sisters. The older had totally hacked her younger sister’s hair. Like no bangs. My sister told my mother … “She just sat there and let me do it …”
    Worst of it … my dad was running for school board and someone was coming to take our picture for the campaign!
    Talk about a fast trip to the stylist!

  2. Mep my daughter wanted to trim her bangs. Of course, the bangs were not supposed to go all the way around to the back of her ear.
    Remember Dorothy Hamill?

  3. The haircut you’re referring to was a Mohawk. When Mum got evacuated during WWII they lived above a barber shop. Unsupervised children with clippers are apparently worse than unsupervised children with scissors.

  4. When I was 4 I remember eating at the food court at the mall with my Mom. A boy with a really wild mohawk walked by and I was really impressed with it (when I was 4). I asked my Mom if I could get my hair cute like that and she said, “Yeah sure, whatever, just eat your lunch.” Apparently she wasn’t paying attention to what I was asking her because when I got home I proceeded to cut my own hair into a mohawk and she was less than thrilled.

  5. In the fifth grade, we made sock puppets in art class. I wanted mine to have real hair, so I cut big chunks of it off of the right side of my head. I cut the right side all the way up past my ear, but kept the left side long. It was a mess. My mother nearly hit the car in front of her in the drive-thru at school when she saw me waiting with my lopsided hair – which she’d just paid to have cut the week before.
    She was so furious she called the art teacher to find out why the he’d done nothing to stop it, and he told her that he didn’t want to stifle my creativity. It wasn’t actually the worst thing in the world. I finally got to cut my hair short, the way I wanted it – and my creativity has remained unstifled to this day.

  6. Haha….my daughter’s done this twice! The second time (yes, it happened twice) her bangs were so short they stood straight up! We’re talkin buzz cut!
    And like you said, it happened so fast and seemly unoticeable. The first time I was in the bathroom and came out to a pile of hair on the floor. The second time I was at work and like your son she got aggrivated by her hair getting in her face, so she figured, I’ll just cut it…I don’t know if she didn’t remember the first time or didn’t care but she did it again.
    Lesson learned….scissors on TOP shelf!

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