Why it’s foolish to underestimate your children

I couldn’t possibly be prouder of my five year old, G-, than I am this evening. Let me tell you why…
As attachment parents, we’re strong believers in being a constant and steady presence in their lives, perhaps even an omniscient presence. I travel on business so he’s had me missing for a few weeks every year, but in my son’s five years of life, he has never spent a night away from his mother.
Until tonight.
This morning Linda and the girls (A-, 8 and K-, 1) flew to Ashland, Oregon to attend a conference. After much discussion earlier in the year, Linda and I decided that we’d try splitting the children up, with the baby going with her and the two older kids staying home in Colorado with me, so as not to have them miss any school.

In the last few weeks, though, it’s become obvious how hungry A- is for one on one time with Linda, though she’s unfailingly polite and pleasant about it, I’m glad to report. Nonetheless, even after her teacher advised us against taking A- out of school for a few days this time of year, we decided that she did need to go and both have some special time with Mom and help out with the baby.
So this morning, after some trepidation on my part about how G- would do flying solo with Dad, the two of us rode bikes to school and had a parting that was exactly as it is every morning, and this afternoon the two of us began what I’ve been touting for weeks as our “dude weekend”.
And it’s gone GREAT!
Bed time this evening was similarly a breeze, even easier than usual. Upstairs at 7pm, read a favorite book, lights out at 7.30 and deep asleep within 10-15 minutes. No fuss, no complaints, no crying about wanting mommy, just a regular trooper.
I’m just so proud of the little nipper.

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  1. Just wanted to congratulate you. Isn’t it wonderful and exciting when our children do things we didn’t expect them to be capable of yet. I am proud for you both –

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