Nursing, Breast pumps, and travel plans

This is a reader contributed article.
Lately I’™ve been hearing plenty advice for breastfeeding (or pumping) while flying, but for me and many other moms car travel is a far more frequent occurrence.
When traveling with baby in the car, I’ve heard many people say that you can lean over the baby and nurse him or her while in their car seat. However, this can be virtually impossible for a smaller busted mom to do while wearing a seatbelt so I always allow extra travel time for stops. Bringing a sling along also makes it easier (i.e. more comfortable for me) to feed my daughter in unfamiliar public places like restaurants or shops in different towns along the way.
Keep in mind that although you may have taken this trip many times before it will be a very different experience with your breastfeeding baby in tow. Be prepared for a longer trip that will be more tiring. If your little one sleeps well in a moving car, try to time your departure after a feeding or at a usual naptime to help cut down the number of stops you’ll have to take during the trip.

For me breastfeeding has always been easier, than pumping while on the go, but you don’t always have a choice especially if you’re traveling sans baby. If you’re going to be traveling without your little darling then it’s best to prepare for any pumping obstacles that could come your way.
An electric pump is a great timesaver, but it’s not always convenient when traveling. I suggest that if your pump takes batteries, a vehicle adapter or has a manual adapter, that you bring them with you because you don’t want to worry yourself with trying to find an electric outlet every time you need to pump.
Finding a private place to pump can be a challenge, but it is possible. If your car has tinted windows, you basically have your own portable pumping station. I often pump in the backseat of my car while my husband drives to cut down on the amount of stops we have to make. When traveling alone, I’ve found that the designated breastfeeding rooms that may businesses now have work much better for pumping than breastfeeding (of course that is just my personal opinion). I also try to wear a nursing top to make it easier for me to pump discreetly in semi private areas.
The last aspect that you need to consider when pumping on the road keeping your expressed milk fresh. Unfortunately, there have been times when I had to pump and dump because I’m not too keen on transferring my milk from cooler to fridge to cooler and then to my home fridge. If you think you might have to dump, be sure to have a surplus of milk stored in your freezer before hand. This will ensure that you have plenty of milk for feedings until you are able to pump and store again.
Whether you are traveling with your baby or without be sure to continue taking good care of your self. You’re more likely to become exhausted or dehydrated when your normal routine is interrupted. Remember to stay well hydrated and to get enough rest so that you can keep up your supply and continue to provide your baby with the very best start in life.

This article was contributed by Elizabeth, a nursing mother to her 1 year old daughter and a breastfeeding counselor, she spends a great deal of time every day thinking, talking and writing about breastfeeding and breastmilk. She also contributes material to Breast Pumps Direct.

4 comments on “Nursing, Breast pumps, and travel plans

  1. My wife is often on the road for work.. I stay at home with our two kids.. she is a logistical genius and my true hero.. our second child is starting to give it up.. at 14 months.. still wants it at night … I have one more freezer bag and then (sniffle) we’re done.. we’ve even sold the pump.
    My tip? I suppose it’s well-known.. but.. bring along a picture of the tot.. that helps my wife relax and pump in all kinds of places.
    She’s asleep with our youngest right now.. or I’d have her typing here.

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  3. Thanks Elizabeth. I’ve been breastfeeding my baby boy for the last 3 months and it’s been a challenge at times.
    For all you expecting mothers, I purchased my nursing supplies at and they’re offer a 10% discount with the code NEWMOM 🙂

  4. I love reading the articles and comments about breast feeding and breast pumps. When I had my first child, people didn’t speak openly about breast feeding so we mothers were a little in the dark. Now it is such an open topic and glad of it. Great article.

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