Why is that name so familiar? The serendipity of blogging

Got a great story from my sister about blogging and how it expands your reach. She runs the terrific Artdolls weblog and relates:
“Something fun happened to me today. I received a comment on my blog and I thought the name was familiar so I checked out the person’s website. She is a ‘professional artist’ and I knew her name but why? No bells went off. Then after an hour or two a bell did go off …”

She continues her story:
“I got out a magnifying glass (yeah, I’m getting old) and looked at the signature on a watercolor painting I bought at an art gallery about 20 years ago … bingo! It’s hers! How about that! I wrote back to her and sent a photo of the painting. She replied and pointed me to a posting on her site; she had blogged about this very painting back in April.
“Now I have the answer to something I’ve wondered about for nigh on 20 years … what village inspired the painting. How cool is that!”
For the record, the artist’s name is Gail Niebrugge and here’s a link to her entry about the painting:
Painting Atmautluak 34
Here’s the painting itself:

Painting Atmautluak 34, (C) by Gail Niebrugge

I love these sort of stories and have also received some great email and comments because of my blogging efforts, communications with friends though long-lost in the mists of time.
How about you, dear reader, have you ever gotten back in touch with someone from your past or made a wonderful serendipitous connection like my sister through your own blogging efforts?

3 comments on “Why is that name so familiar? The serendipity of blogging

  1. What a great story. Even though the Blogsphere is huge, it is still a small world. I have not had a close encounter ,but I have had the opportunity to new some new and very interesting people.
    Thanks for sharing.

  2. What a cool story! Glad you got your question answered. For me, I met someone by blogging and realized that I had met them before at a La Leche League meeting in the city I had lived previously. We lived in the same city forever and never really met. But now we are blogging buddies and talk all the time. I hope to get back up there and meet for lunch or something!

  3. What an amazing encounter – how wonderful for your sister! Whilst I haven’t had any such experiences myself, I have found that blogging can really open up so many wonderful opportunities to share and develop close contact with others who have similar interests and passions. As a mum, I find that I can really become part of a parenting community through blogging. Feel free to check out my blog! Elissa 🙂

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