New Age Psychobabble or not? You decide

Just saw this come into my mailbox from an unnamed mailing list:

“Does anyone have or know of a survey of staying in a state of love, light and bliss while being authentic with the shadow emotions within us. i.e. maintaining equanimity and calmness, while able to express anger, hurt, etc.”

Maybe it’s just me, but what does this actually mean and do any of you know anyone who has accomplished this trick of being completely disconnected from their emotions and the subsequent physical and physiological responses to emotional states in a “healthy” and “positive” way?
Me? I think my brain just melted down.

3 comments on “New Age Psychobabble or not? You decide

  1. This asks if it is possible to be in love and fight without yelling or trying to emotionally hurt your partner. .. at least that’s my take.
    So.. yes.. it’s Psychobable.. .. I would word it like this..
    Is it possible to live with someone and not go nuts?

  2. yes it’s possible.. Love works that way..
    possibley taking a look at zen.. and the way of life?
    ever read the Tao of pooh?
    I know some relationships will have arguing and But I found my current and long life relationship is working on that bliss type based on humor, respect and trust.. we are in an equal partnership (I stay at home and he works but we cherish the day we can spend every day together…) and working toward the earliest retirment as possible…

  3. Well, I would say, yes, it’s possible, but boy does it take some work! I think the key is to lower expectations and not be so consumed with changing the other person. As mentioned in the previous post, it does take some humor (a lot!), respect, and trust. Easier said than done, though. It takes some work, for sure!

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