The kids definitely say “Happy Hannukah!”

My parents scored big-time with the kids this year as we had a rather disjointed Hannukah but some happy little ones. G- (7yo) got a youth golf glove (he loves spending time on the driving range) and a Cranium game called “Ballpark Blast”, A- (11yo) got “Herd Your Horses!”, a fairly complicated board game that she was thrilled about since her best friend has the game and they love playing it, and K- (the 3yo, soon to be 4) got face paints (my face is painted as I type this) and a little book of fairy stencils.
Generally, our strategy with gift giving has always been to downplay gifts, and my personal preference is definitely to figure out really appropriate gifts for people rather than just buy expensive stuff (which I have – awkwardly – been the recipient of in the past). Linda and I have exchanged presents, usually at Christmas since we as a family make more of a big deal of Christmas than Hannukah, but this year we seem to be having two rather autonomous celebrations and Hannukah is my holiday…

The real drag about the holidays this year is that I don’t think I’m going to get a single present from anyone at this point. Nothing for Hannukah, which isn’t a surprise, but nothing for Christmas either, no stocking, nada. On the one hand it’s rather liberating to not have to be polite and thank people for daft things you don’t want or presents that can more than anything demonstrate how they’re out of touch with your own life and values, but on the other hand, well, wah! 🙁
Perhaps this is just a soul-building, character-building year, though. The good news is that my children are all asleep happily clutching their new treasures, thrilled with the booty that they got for Hannukah (and too excited to get to sleep at their usual hour, but that’s another story!) and eager to buckle down and write thank you cards to my folks.
Nice job, Mum and Dad!

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