I’m a movie geek, I admit it

12 angry men movie posterSo here’s something weird: I’m a huge fan of the cinema, both for the classic films and the latest big productions. I average a movie a day and have seen thousands upon thousands of movies in my life. I have seen about 95% of the American Film Institute’s Top 100 Films, for example (I blogged a while back about having seen only 89 of them, but have seen more since). Go to the Internet Movie Database (IMDB) Top 250 Films and I’ve seen all but about 20 or so. (subtract all the Italian films and I’ve seen almost all of ’em. How about you?)

“Hi, my name’s Dave and I’m addicted to films”. “Hi, Dave.”

The irony of this is that even after our split and the resultant morphing of our relationship into divorced adults, co-parenting, Linda and I are still intent on raising our children as media-free as possible. So, no movies.

I’ve thought about starting a film blog, where I wouldn’t just review films but also talk about things like the use of lighting, wardrobe colors, POV shots, and even credits in the creation of a smart, well-built movie, but then I fear that it’d take all the fun out of the process.

I’ve thought about – nay, dreamed about – when my children are old enough that we can sit down and watch a brilliant film like Twelve Angry Men and talk about what it says about the human condition, about whether democracy and the jury system truly works, and how impeccably it was assembled cinematically.

For now, though, you can Find me on Twitter most evenings, talking about movies, from what’s coming up, classic films I’m watching, and what films failed, to general topics like sequels better than the original, best car chase scenes, or best use of special effects.

And someday soon, I’ll be watching something like Merry Christmas, Mr. Lawrence with my boy and talking about the idiocy and inevitability of war, watching Blade Runner and debating whether Deckard was a replicant or not, rewatching Star Wars: A New Hope and trying to decide what R2D2 was saying, humming along to Singing In The Rain with my daughter as we talk about the challenge of embracing new technology and watching Citizen Kane with all the kids and discussing what each of their Rosebud is from their childhood.

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