Flip-flops for a good cause, spread the word

In a tragic event last May, our friend and neighbor Steve Parrish lost his college-age son, and Lesley, his daughter and our occasional babysitter, lost her brother, in a mugging gone wrong while he was on spring break in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. Watching them come to peace with the terrible occurrence has been an amazing thing. I’m not sure I would ever have the grace to manage even half as well, and certainly hope never to find out.

As part of their healing process, they’ve really focused on turning the tragedy into something positive, and in that light, when they sent me a note about the organization Soles4Souls, I wanted to spread the word more widely, hence this posting. Please, read through what they’re doing and consider quite seriously buying a pair or two of these flip-flops. Thanks.
Soles for Souls logoThrough an amazing and emotional connection Lesley (my daughter) and I have been working closely with Soles4Souls to develop special flip-flops in my son David’s memory with the intent of providing very basic footwear to those in need in Africa (primarily because of David’s African roots).
Soles4Souls has arranged a program where 2 pairs of flip-flops will be donated for every pair purchased. This program is mentioned as part of the rotating headline banner on their site plus it is described more fully on the site under “Ways to helpâ€?.

I am sending this message to you for three reasons:

  • I want to bring the program to your attention in case you did not know about it so that you can see what an incredible job Soles4Souls has done in David’s memory.
  • I want you to consider ordering a $10.00 pair (or two) of David Parrish memorial flip-flips from Soles4Souls for your own use or as a gift for someone else which will result in the donation of 2 additional pairs to be provided to people in need in Africa. Sadly, the lack of basic footwear is a major contributor to the third leading cause of illness and death in Africa – after Aids and malaria.
  • Finally I would love for you to send this message to as many other people as you can so that they too can learn about the great things that Soles4Souls.org is doing globally to support those in need. There is no better way for us to honor David’s memory than for this campaign to be successful and to reach as many people as possible throughout North America – and worldwide – through the magic of the Internet.

While we miss David beyond the ability of words to describe, there is great solace for us and his mother in this program. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your support.
Peace always –
Steve and Lesley
for Soles4Souls.

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