3 comments on “Are movies too violent, or is cinema just evolving?

  1. I am a bit worried about what we show and where it is going. I don’t think it is in a really good direction but I don’t think it will likely turn around. On the other hand I think most people end up realizing that this is empty entertainment and will find more profitable ways of entertaining themselves.

  2. Movies are evolving- and violence is part of that. But in today’s age there is a much cheaper, and believable way to portray violence on screen. We must ask, did the directors of the past put violence offscreen because of a wish to keep it less horrific, or because it was cheeper? Now, because of that drop in price and growth in realism, directors can choose if their project should be violent or not. If the director wants to use violence to tell the story, that’s his (or her) discretion, and can be very useful (think “Departed”) but on the other hand a movie can be full of death, but involve very little blood or true ‘violence’ (think Baz Luhrmann’s “Romeo + Juliet”). Basically what I’m saying is that Hollywood is changing- constantly changing. But everything is, so we shouldn’t be surprised. However, I do not think that we can label this as “Bad” because it’s not bad. Some movies may be better then others, and some might be down right awful, but it’s unfair to directors who use violence to improve the story to call the whole direction of Hollywood “bad”. Violence should add to the story, not replace the story. When it replaces the story is when we can start calling it ‘bad’.

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