Leave a wry haiku, win $70 gift cert for Proflowers for Vday

Red RosesValentine’s Day is coming up and this year my thoughts don’t turn to the fabled massacre (which is good) (I’m just kidding, take it easy!) but I am also quite aware that it’ll be just about the 30 day anniversary of my divorce decree being signed in the local courthouse. So I’m not exactly ready to send anyone a beautiful bouquet of roses.
On the other hand, I have been given the chance – perhaps demonstrating the sly humor of the fates – to participate in a Proflowers.com promotional campaign and give away six $70 gift certificates for their site.
Just in time for Valentine’s Day!

Honestly, I dearly hope that you’re in a wonderful, loving, mutually supportive relationship and are dreaming of a romantic Valentine’s Day and perhaps some nice late night action too. Even if you’re the happiest guy or gal on the Internet, though, I bet there was a Valentine’s Day in the past where things weren’t going so well, either with this relationship or a previous one.
Or perhaps you were between relationships and the last thing you wanted to hear about was how bloody happy your friends were with their sweetheart.
One way or the other, I bet everyone has at one point or another had a Valentine’s Day that wasn’t wonderful, fun, loving and romantic, but instead a bit of a downer.
Heck, you might be one of those people who love the sentiment but hate the day because you figure every day is a suitable day for showing your love and appreciation for your partner. I can relate to that too.
So here’s how you can win one of these very nice $70 gift certificates in time to send either the cliché dozen red roses or something a wee bit more creative and interesting:
Write a wry haiku about Valentine’s Day and/or about your less than stellar experience of a Vday in the past. Here’s my demo haiku:
    Those pesky red hearts
        hanging everywhere, remind me that
            it’s time to find a date.
(What’s a haiku? Duuudddee! A short rhyme with 5 syllables in the first line, 7 syllables in the second and 5 syllables in the third. That’s it, pretty easy)
You have until noon on Sunday, February 8th to add your own haiku as a comment to this thread, at which time I will ask my panel of celebrity judges, including Nora Burns, Klaus Holzapfel, Deb Frey, Janet Meiners Thaeler, Lucretia Pruitt and Denise Smith, to pick the winners. If there’s a tie, I’ll act as the tie-breaker.

Don’t want to write a wry haiku but are hoping for a discount on your flowers anyway? Use this link for a 20% discount on flowers ordered through Proflowers and a free vase included in the promo too!

And, dare I say it, Happy Valentine’s Day!

One more thing: I’m not alone in running this fun Proflowers promotion, though I might have the most cynical view of it. Want to see what other sites are involved? Check it out: A Good Husband, Honor, Duty, Email, Building Camelot, Daddy Forever, Dad Talk, A Family Runs Through It, Patrick Says, At Home Dad, You Served, Dad Blogs, Ploomy, Gear Live, Techronical, Art of Manliness, Mommy Daddy Blog, Dad-O-Matic, Dadcentric, and (phew!) Chris Pirillo. Quite a list, eh? 🙂

32 comments on “Leave a wry haiku, win $70 gift cert for Proflowers for Vday

  1. A wry co-sleeping haiku??
    Love mine, I thee see
    Yet cannot share love with thee
    Three cherubs between
    I love my kids, but sometimes, just occasionally, they are just “in the way,” if you know what I mean…
    Aah, the joys and trials of AP!

  2. Although this doesn’t count, just couldn’t resist…Ouch! This was fun playing around.
    When you broke my heart
    I found someone nicer
    And better looking

  3. And then messed up the second line, forgot the seventh syllable.
    When you broke my heart
    I found someone much nicer
    And better looking

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