The winning wry Valentine’s Day haikus!

If you’ve been reading this blog regularly, you know that I ran a competition for the most amusing, wry haiku’s in honor of Valentine’s Day. See: Win a $70 gift certificate from Proflowers.
Today is Valentine’s Day, however, so let me start out by wishing you a happy day and by saying that everyone should receive at least one valentine’s day wish. Now you’ve received mine.
And with that, on with the winners!

These are presented in no particular order:
Starter marriage done
“My first husbandâ€? sounds mysterious
Onward moving on
It’s Valentine’s Day!
You giftwrap an appliance
And I’ll divorce you.
My mother-in-law
Suggests she’d enjoy grandkids.
She leaves on Thursday.
Valentine’s day sucks
I spent all of my money
and did not get laid
Bob’s Pit Barbeque
Ranch dressing on my red dress
Not a great first date
and, a special award for the most twisted:
The flowers were free;
I got them just down the street.
Thanks, cemetery!
Thank you one and all for your awesome entries and a special congratulations to the winners for their amusing and, yes, wry entries, and to the judges for their help picking out the winners.

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