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bach daydream remedyI’ve been parenting, non-stop, for almost thirteen years now, first with one, then two, and now three wee folk who live emotionally complex lives in their little bodies. It’s been a challenge because Linda and I have always tried to minimize the allopathic drugs we’ve used and continued to try alternative remedies.

One of my mainstays has always been “Rescue Remedy”, whether it’s for myself, to chill out or smooth out an emotional wave, or for one of the children who is upset over some sort of injury or difficult situation. It’s a life saver and I really do travel with some in my car as an adjunct to the Rescue Remedy I have in the house.

At various times, both of my older children are daydreamers, lost in their own internal world, which generally I think is a great thing unless they’re in school or otherwise in a situation where they do need to pay attention.

That’s why when the Bach Flower Remedy company contacted me about its new Daydream Remedy I was pretty darn interested. I don’t want my kids not to daydream, but I loved the idea of a simple remedy that can help them regain their focus when they need it.

Even better, the company sent us a bunch of small bottles of Daydream Remedy, which turns out to be create from the Clematis Flower which was apparently Dr. Bach’s choice for bringing focus into the present.

Heck, there are meetings I attend where I should sneak some of this into my coffee, now that I think about it!

Rescue Remedy is a more complex mix, comprised of Rock Rose, Impatiens, Clematis, Star of Bethlehem and Cherry Plum. The third children’s focused Bach remedy that could be beneficial to your children is their “Confidence Remedy”.

Anyway, I have six bottles of Daydream Remedy to give away, which is cool. Even better, I’m going to make this fun: all you have to do to enter is add a comment to this blog post that’s a limerick about daydreaming children. If I get more than six entrants, I’ll have a few pals help pick the best. If I get less, I’ll send a few bonus bottles out too.

Here’s my limerick to get you started:

There was a young girl from Boulder,
Who was always just a bit colder.
She dreamed of cranking the heat,
but instead covered her feet,
And her dad just said “toldja!”

Got it? Good luck!

10 comments on “Win some free Bach “Daydream Remedy”

  1. Don’t know if I really want the prize, but just for the honor of competition…
    There once was a young boy from Erie,
    Whose head was decidedly gear-y.
    He designed hovercraft,
    As everyone laughed,
    ‘Til he built one – and now look who’s cheery.
    (Guess now I need to take a picture of my 8-yr-old son’s homemade hovercraft and put it on Twitpic or Flickr, eh?)

  2. As a true beleive in Rescue Remedy, and as a childhood “dreamer”, I am intrigued!
    Of unicorns, funparks and fairies
    dreamed while eating her icy sweet dairy
    after a long day in the sun
    fantasizing the fun
    for tomorrow, she smiled feeling merry

  3. My son, he enjoys making up…
    …lots of stories; o’errunneth his cup
    When it’s time for his bed
    He can’t shut off his head
    Like his mom, he’ll become, the poor pup.

  4. A four-year-old’s world is amazing
    Full of adventures, and fun, and stargazing
    But when attention’s required
    And in daydreams he’s mired
    Daddy seriously contemplates tasing.

  5. There once was a lass from Dundee,
    Who was scared by a spider so wee,
    That it couldn’t have harmed her,
    But twas one thing that calmed her,
    Five drops of Bach’s Rescue Remedy.

  6. Ohhhh! I really want to win this remedy! Can I drop some in my coffee tooo?!
    Now that I’ve learned what a limerick is…here’s my shot at it:
    The pretty blond walked the shore of Lake Michigan
    Wondering just when life on Earth really began
    Daydreaming of who first settled this land
    And how it was shaped like a hand
    Both feet squeaking through singing sands!

  7. I have a sweet girl starting school
    Who’s prone to daydreams as a rule
    Though her artistry’s grand
    Sometimes it must be canned
    Or else she will be judged as a fool

  8. There is a little girl named Ari
    who often wishes she were on a safari
    instead she’s in school
    trying to follow the rules
    while her mind wonders as fast as a Ferrari

  9. Hoookkkaaay! We have eight entrants and it’s too hard to tell two of you that you didn’t win, while everyone else did, so I’m going to make ALL of you winners! Whoo hoo!
    Please email me your mailing address (click on “Email the author” on the very top right of the blog) and I’ll get the Bach sample out in the mail to you as soon as I can.

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