Dad + daughter’s hair: an inherent disaster?

I’m lucky, I know. I’m a single dad to two girls, 12 and 5, and while it’d be a bit odd for the tween to be asking me for help with the latest hair style, it’s a miracle that my 5yo daughter can do her own hair and never asks me for more than finding those darn hair bands.

Most dads don’t have it that easy, and there’s little more intimidating than a little girl asking you to “do that pretty braid like mommy does” or “fix my hair for photo day”.

Turns out I’m not alone in my misgivings and angst in this area: a chap called Craig Lawrey contacted me a few weeks ago about a book he’s written called Does Your Daughter Have Dad Hair?

I wasn’t really into receiving a copy – since (thank you, Lord!) I don’t have to worry about it – but I was amused by the topic.

We’ve since gone back and forth in email talking about his book and why he wrote it, and I’m going to share a bit of that with you too, dear reader.
Turns out that Craig is the kind of guy who seems like he should be able to coolly overcome just about any obstacle. His bio: “Craig Lawrey is a Navy Distinguished Marksman, an accomplished ocean going Sailor, and a not-so accomplished Equestrian. He has been an Army Infantryman, Postman, Navy Reservist, and an Environmental Consultant. The hardest and most inspiring job he has ever had (his words), is being a Stay-At-Home Dad. He resides in Southern California with his wife, two children, and the plethora of animals his kids call pets.”

He tells me that “when I started learning about hair I didn’t think of a book, it was all about me, but when other Dads (buddies of mine) started asking me for help, I began to think putting it into a book would help many struggling Dads as well.”

So there you have it. Here’s the cover, to give you a sense of the tone:

Fun stuff. If you’re a dad and still struggling with getting your girl happy with your contribution to her coif, this might be just the book for you to check out. Until the DVD series is released, that is. 🙂

4 comments on “Dad + daughter’s hair: an inherent disaster?

  1. Pete, give me an email at my books site and I’ll let you know what the shipping will be and I’ll send you one out right away. Put in subject line something like Japan Mailing. I’ll take care of ya! Good Luck! Craig Lawrey

  2. This book is a wonderful gift for young Dad’s, soon to be Dads, Grandpop’s and Dad’s who are just seemingly lost when it comes to doing a girl’s hair! I got one for my neighbor and he just loved it. He’s now working on getting his grandchild to let him actually attempt to do her hair.LOL

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