Pixar’s ‘Up’ Academy Awards Screener Package

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Though I can’t say that I’m an unabashed fan of the recent Pixar animated film Up (see my review of Up), I did enjoy it and certainly feel that the first 30 minutes or so stand up as some of the best scenes in a motion picture I’ve ever seen, animated or otherwise. 

That’s why it was interesting – and darn cool – when Disney sent me the entire Awards Screener package for Up, known in the business as a “For Your Consideration”. Awards?  It’s none other than the Academy Awards and it’s the package sent to members of the Academy with the hopes that it’ll influence nominations and voting and generate more awards for the film.
Since I’d never seen a full Awards Screener package before, I thought I’d share with you so you could see what showed up in an otherwise surprisingly nondescript brown envelope earlier this week…

The packaging is quite revealing too, and it’s clear that while the commercial success of Up might rest on the boy Russell and Dug, the talking dog, for the awards, it’s that back story, the first thirty minutes that I referenced earlier, that are the foundation of Pixar’s hopes for the awards season. 

Check out the cover of the DVD envelope (on the left) compared to the Blu-Ray commercial packaging to see what I mean:


up awards screener cover up blu ray packaging

Open up the Awards Screener DVD holder and you find that they’ve boldly listed all the categories where they believe it’d be appropriate for them to be nominated for – and, of course voted to win – an award, including Best Picture, Best Director, Best Cinematography and Best Art Direction:

up awards screener award possibilities

Good luck, Pixar. I didn’t support the hand-wringing surrounding last year’s debate on whether Wall-E should have been nominated for Best Picture (it wasn’t even a possibility in my book) and I don’t think Up is that calibre of movie either. Still, chutzpah is always good, I suppose. 🙂

Included with the package was another neat addition: a 5×8 book that was the script of the film Up. Here’s how it starts:


up awards screener script

Oh, and one more thing was included in the package. The score. Not the soundtrack, but quite a few more musical segments, fifty of them, actually:

up awards screener soundtrack

That’s the full package and it’s very cool. Thanks, Disney/Pixar, for sending it along. If you’d like to read my review of the film, please click on Review: “Up”.

2 comments on “Pixar’s ‘Up’ Academy Awards Screener Package

  1. I’m really rooting for Up to be nominated for Best Picture. It probably won’t win, but with doubling the number of nominees, it would be an unfortunate oversight if it’s not included on the list of ten. No other film I’ve seen this year has made me feel as much as Up did. It was visually stunning (in 3D) and the score was fantastic.

  2. The awards were all about movies crowing about their woman or black director, good or bad black parts, etc, but when Pixar finally puts in a fabulous Asian American lead character, they completely sweep any Asian American connection under the rug, his picture isn’t in this kit, or on the picture at the awards, and Jordan Nagai wasn’t anywhere to be seen in the publicity unlike Ed Asner. Boo.

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