Reality TV Show Casting Call!

Generally I am not a big fan of reality shows as I know from the inside that they’re manipulated and designed to create drama and interest rather than the actual boring humdrum reality of our day to day, minute by minute lives, but sometimes things do come along that are a bit different.
This casting call, from an LA-based freelance casting associate, does sound kind of interesting, with its emphasis on ” America’s most outgoing families to compete in exciting outdoor challenges”. Is it going to be of reasonable quality? It’ll take a year for us to find out, I imagine, but if your family is picked, you do get $5000 compensation, plus I presume gear, visibility, lodging, food, and perhaps some nice trips too.
Check it out: and if you do apply, please leave a comment letting us know how it went!

Now Casting Outgoing Families!
Are you looking for the ultimate family adventure? Are you eager to ditch the typical family vacation and experience a truly unique and exciting bonding experience? Do you wish you could bring your family even closer together?
The producers of "Amazing Race," "The Biggest Loser," and "The Office" are currently searching for America's most outgoing families to compete in exciting outdoor challenges in the nation's most beautiful national parks.
To be considered, please submit the following to [email protected]:
1. Name and Ages of all family members
2. City/state where you live (please include this in subject line)
3. Contact Information (including cell #)
4. Current Pictures
5. A brief description of your family dynamic
6. What do you love about being in the great outdoors with your family? What are the biggest challenges about being in the great outdoors with your family?
7. Please indicate if any of you suffer from seasonal allergies.
*Families should have at least two children living in the home between the ages of 13-18*
Family Compensation: $5,000.00

That’s it. Good luck, families!

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