Weird Pic Caption Contest

I hosted a panel last night on the future of television, for the DaVinci Institute, and as part of it, I continued an amusing tradition of presenting the weirdest pictures of the week and offered up what I hope were amusing captions for them unrelated to the original context of the pictures.

Seems to me that’d be fun to do here on my blog to, so without further ado, here they are…

The first one is easy, and I’ll use it as a demonstration of what I mean:

odd pic 4

(1) Larry was determined to do anything to avoid being the black sheep of the family.

Now, what’s your best caption?

odd pic 1

(2) You will smile, whether you like it or not!


odd pic 2

(3) Stewie didn’t understand why his friends were creeped out by the new pillow, he loved it!

odd pic 3

(4) After three meetings, the Playground Improvement Committee still couldn’t figure out
why kids didn’t like the new slide

odd pic 5

(5) Uhm, uhhh… I have no caption that’s G rated for this one. Mrroooww!

odd pic 7

(6) Her new invention worked great until Sandra tried to stay within the bike lane

Now, your turn. Each pic is numbered, so add your own best suggestions for wry, funny, sarcastic or other amusing comments on these photos!

4 comments on “Weird Pic Caption Contest

  1. 1. Much like in our own culture gender roles for sheep continue to be hard and fast, leaving no room for tranny or questioning sheep self expression.
    2. Euro Disney Torture Chamber.
    3. Worst profile photo of all time.
    4. During the 2012 Elections this playground was erected by the DNC for any Palin leaning children in attendance. This is just one example of the powerful but subtle marketing tools used regularly by the Democratic party.
    5. Moments later the balloons popped and Abe’s true identity was revealed.
    6. This is the only mode of travel my husband and I have been using in our 11 year marriage. For some reason, it hasn’t worked out.

  2. 1. Dolly was wondering about when to tell Annie she was adopted.
    2. Sometimes it just hurts to smile.
    3. You should see the cushion my wife has!
    4. Laid off after 40 years with the circus, Dumbo got a really crappy job with the Ministry of Sports and Recreation.
    5. Recall issued for new cat-nip-based breast implants.
    6. After losing its monopoly in the OS market, Microsoft moved into transport, but just couldn’t understand why people wouldn’t upgrade to the new MS Opus IV

  3. Oky doky. My kids are gonna help me on this one. I have a 7 and 8 yr old, one boy and one girl, here is there inturpritation. sp?
    1. Ones purple, ones blue, we need to tie our shoes.
    2. I need to go to smile town, so I can smile all around.
    3. Like my mouse ears?
    4. Elephant, Elephant why did you swallow me up? Why do you have to poop me out.
    5. I booby trapped my kitty.
    6. bicycle, bicycle which way to we go?

  4. 1. The ink is black, the page is white, together we learn to read and write
    2. Mr. Spock, get these things off of me!
    3. Why don’t these new head phones fit properly?
    4. Colonel, the new bionic replacements don’t seem to be working properly.
    5. Is this top made of cotton?
    6. Hey Joey, I heard about a new machine at the gym that really stretches you out.

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