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It’s funny the things that pop into my mailbox as a daddy blogger. Too often the messages begin “Dear mommy blogger”, demonstrating a really lazy PR firm or someone who just hasn’t figured out that I’m not the one who birthed my fabulous children but their Dad. 🙂

Actually, it usually just amuses me, but occasionally it is a bit annoying, especially when the gist of the marketing message is how moms have such a tough job as parents and how dads are rarely even around to help, but that’s another story for another blog post.

When I got an email from Nova about, the timing was perfect: My 6yo was at that moment dancing through the house in one of her fairy outfits…

The email was nice enough: they’d like to send us a free costume in return for us hopefully writing about it here on the blog. I warned her, as I always do, that receipt of goods in no way means that I’ll guarantee to mention it, and if I do, I might say it’s good or bad. Luck o’ the draw, as it were. Oh, and with full disclosure too, as I am doing with this paragraph.

No worries, they were game so my daughter K- and I sat in front of the computer and went through the zillions of costumes they have on their well-designed site. After much deliberation, she picked out another fairy costume.
Gadzooks, I nixed it.

me: “We already have tons of fairy costumes, honey, let’s pick something else.”
her: “Why? I like fairy costumes.”
me: “Oohh look: this one lights up!”
her: “OOOohhhhhhh nice!”

So we settled on the Pretty Twinkle Witch costume. The bummer was that they didn’t have the size we wanted, so we compromised on a smaller size because the light-up dress seemed really cool. Kind of a mistake.

The costume arrived about a week later, neatly packaged and it was a matter of a short amount of time before she was wearing it:

witches dress costume
She likes the costume, and it’s pretty neat how it lights up with fiber optics woven into the dress material, but it is indeed a bit too small and a month later she rarely puts it on. We’ll probably end up donating it to another girl before Halloween, which is too bad because it really would be super cool to wear it at night.
Got cool stuff to send us? Bring it on! We’re always interested in hearing from companies, but just remember, I’m a Dad, not a Mom. 🙂

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  1. Looks sort of like “Princess Witch”. I guess the hat makes it a witch costume. I hope the Wiccans don’t all riled up. Lol.

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