Disneyland prep: iPhone App Anyone?

We’re heading to Disneyland in two days. We is my sister, my three kids (14, 10, 7) and myself. And we’re pretty psyched. It being the 21st Century, though, I’m not interested in pocket-size print books or guides I can keep in my daypack, I’m a smartphone guy and want a smartphone solution.

Which means I’ve been asking the question: What iPhone apps are most helpful for Disneyland visitors?. 🙂

By a remarkable quirk of timing, my colleague Dan Frakes over at MacWorld had written a piece about this very topic — An iPhone Makes Disneyland An Even Happier Place — that came up in my RSS reader. Coincidence, or karma? (cue creepy music) You decide.

Still, I’m constantly fiddling with my iPhone, checking email, tweeting (I’m @DaveTaylor) and even sometimes playing a quick casual game (I’m seriously hooked on Bejeweled [iTunes]), so it was natural that I’d want to add some apps to my iPhone!

Prior to bumping into the article, I had searched the iTunes store for Disneyland and found that there were 20+ matches, most of which seemed to cover the exact same territory, mostly maps and line wait times. I know that choice is the blessing of the App Store, but 20 apps that do the same thing?

Digging about, it seemed like the best choice was Disneyland iGuide – Walkee, though what “Walkee” had to do with anything left me kind of baffled. Still, it had good ratings and though it was on the higher end of app costs at $3.99 — I love that $3.99 seems expensive! — I downloaded it on the promise that it included wait times, useful maps and a comprehensive directory of rides and eateries.
Here are a few screen shots from the app:

disneyland iguide walkee iphone app

Disneyland iGuide — Walkee iPhone app

Cool, eh? The numbers shown are reported queue wait times for two attractions at the Disneyland Park.

Of course, we’re not at the park yet, so we’ll see how useful it is once we’re there, along with a second app I downloaded, the free Disneyland Dining [iTunes] app that offers a comprehensive list of all eateries organized by distance from your current location. Stay tuned!
Meanwhile, if you have a recommendation for a favorite mobile app that’s helped you get the most out of Disneyland, please let us know!

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