Freaky Pets: just like kids, they’re cute and cranky

Ah, ya gotta love the effort companies put into creating interesting and meme-worthy toys for children. According to their PR team, Freaky Pets are the next big thing, and they’re described thusly:

“Freaky Pets are guaranteed to make life interesting no matter what planet you live on! Freaky Pets is a new interactive product from Abandon Interactive Entertainment that combines a unique line of transformable plush creatures with a browser-based 3D virtual world for kids (and adults) of all ages.”

With that description, I’m sure you’re dying to know what they look like. Here’s Gweek looking friendly:

freaky pets gweek friendly
and looking cranky:

freaky pets gweek cranky
Pretty fun, actually! Like a weird hybrid between Beanie Babies and Transformers.
They’re retailing for $12.99 each and you can supposedly find them at Hallmark stores if you don’t want to just buy them off the Web site.

In case you’re curious, here’s the Freaky Pets description of Gweek:

“As evidenced by their love of jokes, music and sliding down icebergs, Gweeks have a passion for living life to the fullest. Despite being sweet tempered and generous, Gweek still hasn’t quite figured out that most people don’t consider snowballs to be great gifts. Cranky Gweeks are legendary for having an icy hot temper. They stomp, growl and pound the walls until they’re out of energy. Word to the wise: Avoid cranky Gweeks until they’ve completely chilled out.”

Now you know. 🙂

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  1. I loved your post about electronics. Keeping them off after 9:00, not allowing ear buds, texting while talking…etc. My son is little and I am not faced with these problems yet, but I hope I come across this post or one similar in a few years to reiterate the importance. Thanks! Great post!

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