Really bad product name: Baby Bullet

Okay, so the concept is pretty neat: a little personal blender that you use to make your own baby food. I guess. If you’re that hardcore a parent and still have the mental acuity to be trusted around whirring blades after weeks or months of sleep deprivation. 🙂

But did anyone do any research on product names?

baby bulllet

What do you think? Is this some “Millenial” thing and it’s a reference to getting drunk in college or something? (note: one of the urban dictionary definitions of “bullet” is “a small device used for conveniently snorting cocaine”)

The company says: “With The Original Baby Bullet™, parents can prepare, blend and store an entire week’s worth of nutrient-rich, preservative-free, organic baby food – in less than five minutes!” —

So I’ll give ’em the link. It’s a slick idea. I just cringe at the name…

8 comments on “Really bad product name: Baby Bullet

  1. The name got a double take from me, as well. I’d expect to find a bullet in the nightstand drawer (with working batteries.) Not in my kitchen!

  2. When I first say this product, I cringed and wondered if it made me some kind of perv that the first thing through my head was to wonder if it was some kind of min-vibrator. Then I registered the picture, and felt even dumber. I’m now expecting my first child, and cannot for the life of me put that thing on my registry – I wouldn’t be able to use without blushing, and the thought of opening it at a baby shower is mortifying – I can’t keep a blush off my face to save my life! Actually, I’m still dreading that possibility, lol! So, no, I don’t think you’re off when you question their choice of name, lol 😛

  3. Well, if you are the manufacturer of the Magic Bullet and you want to make a version for baby food, what else would you call it? Seriously, what?

  4. ^

    Lol Magic Bullet Baby Blender!!! Some where in the world there is someone thinking this. Very sad indeed. Should call it the money grabbing device in which to make plastic tasting food.

  5. Today I was appreciating my mother. She has struggled with her weight her entire life and recently shed over 150 pounds! She cooked for my family and made sure we sat down to eat together at least a few nights a week always including a vegetable. As a result I started my love affair with cooking and food in her kitchen and I’ve never been on a diet once in my entire life while managing to be at a healthy weight.~Thanks Mom

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