Best Mobile iPhone Apps for Dads

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My Dad doesn’t complain about anything (except for maybe the neighbor’s dog doing his business on his recently manicured lawn). However, this makes him extremely difficult to buy birthday, Christmas, or even Father’s Day gifts for him. What could the guy want that seems so content with everything?

Never fear, I’ve come up with the perfect list of best mobile apps for dads — for those impossible guys to buy gifts for, those unsung heroes with hammers, and those masters of the grill and television remote control. The following apps are ideal for dads of all ages as long as they have an iPhone.

1. The Bank Of Dad (Free for iPhone)

This app is ideal for dad’s with kids in college or university — or, let’s face it — kids of any kind whatsoever. Whenever my dad gave allowance to my brother or me as children, he’d say, “Do all of your chores and do them right and you’ll get a cash withdrawal from the bank of dad”. Lo and behold it does exist! However, this Bank Of Dad app helps dads teach their kids the value of saving money. With every deposit and withdrawal kids make, this app will keep a running tally of their bank account balances.

2. Grill Guide ($0.99 for iPhone)

iphone grill guideAll dads are the masters of their own grill: just try to turn a rib eye when it’s on my dad’s grill and he’ll bite your arm off. However, if the meat is a little charred for your tastes, instead of complaining about it, give your dad the gift of grilled meats with the Grill Guide app. This app will help good old dad measure the thickness of that rib eye steak with its handy digital ruler feature to determine how long it should cook ideally, and at what temperature. The Grill Guide app features instructions for over 95 different meats and vegetables — including beef, lamb, salmon, and even root vegetables like pumpkin. So dad really can claim to be ëMaster of the Grill’ thanks to this app!

3. Dads Taxi Free (Free for iPhone)

This app is great for dads who run a taxi service for their kids — and by that I mean to and from school, hockey games, dance recitals, play dates, after school sports games, the mall, the movies, and so on. However, if they’re young, they might not be able to give you solid directions to their locations. But thanks to the Dad’s Taxi app, kids can easily determine their location information and have directions send right to Dad’s smart phone via an email or text by:

  • Launching the Dads Taxi app
  • Shaking their cell phone
  • And an automatic text message will be delivered to Dad’s phone with the location

4. iHandy Carpenter ($1.99 for iPhone)

iphone ihandy carpenterIf your Dad’s a handyman like mine is (to the tune of Tim “The Tool Man” Taylor that is) you might want to lighten his load with the iHandy Carpenter app. No need for a heavy tool belt thanks to this app and its 5 digital tools — including a bubble level to help hang pictures and a protractor for patching up that leaky roof.

5. Family Guy ($2.99 for iPhone)

Every Dad loves a little raunchy humor and what better Dad than television’s own Peter Griffith to deliver? The Family Guy app shares Peter’s most embarrassing animated moments. Dad can even make his own favorite collection with the handy drag and drop feature. The Family Guy app even features a fun game called “The Peter Toss”, where you can toss Griffin around on your iPhone screen for being such a numbskull.

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