“A Dad’s Point of View” with Bruce Sallan

This morning I had the privilege of being on my friend Bruce Sallan’s radio program A Dad’s Point of View, talking about tech and being a single dad, among other topics. You can listen to our ten minute segment, if you’d like:

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Or you can listen to the entire program (I’m the fourth ten minute segment) here: A Dad’s Point of View.

Turns out that we scheduled this radio appearance to coincide with a live DadChat I’m doing this evening – July 5, 2012 – from 6-7pm PST on Twitter. To tune in, simply set up a search for the #dadchat hashtag in your favorite Twitter client and watch the madness ensue!

Of course, you’re also invited to add your two cents to our discussion of “Children and Tech”, a very natural topic for me to cover and one you should be thinking about even more during summer break when kids + gadgets + the Internet are a recipe for potential trouble.

I’m enthused to be the guest for DadChat and am going to also be taking the Web-based service TweetGrid for a test drive, so it’ll be interesting to see how it goes. A live chat with hundreds of participants sounds both really fun and completely chaotic. Will it be?

We’ll see, I imagine, and I hope you’re there with us!

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