Buying a Love Spell? Here’s The Scoop…

Ghana witch doctorI know this is weird, but for months I have had spam comments show up on my AskDaveTaylor blog from people doing SEO [spam] marketing for a spell caster. Yes, as if we’re still in the Dark Ages, these promos promise you’ll get the person you love back in your life if you just tap the expertise of their wizards (witches? warlocks?).

Here’s a typical advert:

For the past 3 years now I have been looking for Vodoo Spell to bring back my husband and success my business and it has been a hard time for me finding the right place until I get in contact with Mr Okoduwa who gave me spell that I use to bring my Husband and business back on track. Now i am happy with my family once again. Please if anybody need VOODOO SPELL please contact…([[redacted]]) as he is are the best u can think of.


So after months of this drivel showing up I decided to actually send a query and find out what the deal was. It’s actually rather interesting, though the efficacy of the spell casting system, well, that’s definitely up for question and it’s cost? Well, read on…

Here’s what I sent to get the ball rolling:

Girl i’m really into isn’t interested in me. i understand you can send along a spell? how does that work and how much does it cost? how do i know if it works and what happens if it doesn’t work?

First response:

You are welcome to my temple were all problem’s are been solved with the power of my forefather which has been pass down for generation to generation’s, I want to let you no that all your problem’s are already solved as along as you are in contact with me because no one has ever contact me and go back the same position she will love you forever and no man will ever look at her again till death do you both part.

All I will do is prepare/cast a spell for you so she will have full intrest and 100% love for you,I will prepare the spell and send to your door step with instrunction’s on how to use it and within three days you will see result and she will be yours forever once you follow my instrunction which will be very easy for you to asimilate.

All it will cost me to prepare the items to cast the spell is $365 and $50 for DHL delivery to your door step within three days of shipment so it will cost you a total sum of $405 and this is the total money you have to pay and after geting her back and she is madly in love with you then you can  give me what ever your heart desire ebacause I do not charge people here untill then confirm my work so i am giving you 100% guaranteed that she will love you all you need do is arrange just $405 for me to prepare the spell and provid me with the following details immediately you receive this mail so i can start your work not that i am working on other people so earlier you respond the faster your work get done.

“No man will ever look at her again”? That sounds ominous, doesn’t it? In the category of “be careful what you wish for”, somehow. Oh, and doesn’t $365+$50 = $415, not $405?

My response to that:

thats a lot of money!!!!  can i pay you half and when i see it works pay the other half? can you point me to a few people who can assure me it worked for them?  thanks.

His response:

ghana juju witch doctorSorry for the late respond to your mail I was in the Temple working for some person’s, as for the money that is what you have to pay because you can not pay half and leave the other half because i need to get full items to cast the spell and DHL delivery as well so I can not lie to you my dear if really you want her back than try your level best to get the full amount because the items need to be completed so the spell casting will work within 3 days after you have receive parcel by DHL and follow my instruction’s. You have to believe me 100% because my spell are powerful but I will not praise my self people praise as for the information you request I do not give out people details because of security reason.

When i finish your work you will be the one to tell other that is how i work and you will use your mind to give me what ever your heart desire all you need do is have faith/trust in me and try to raise the money and you will be glad you did like I have said i don’t like praising my self you will see with your eye. Please send your details so I can start the spell, I do no the amount is difficult for you to raise but remember she is your love and you need her back so $405 will not stop you for getting your love so please send your details as i am going back to temple for prayers.


still trying to understand how this works. is it a liquid or powder or something that I need to give to the person I want to have fall under the love spell? do i need to be face 2 face with them? and where’s that long phone number you have? where are you located?


I will give you powder prepared with powerful spell and 7 candle and white piece of clothe,You will light all the seven candle in a silent room at 2pm Tuesday Night and must be Tuesday and call her name seven times and say waht ever you want her to become to you then after that you will put the poweder at the back of your two hands and say you are mine forever and you shall remain mine then you go to your window and blow the powerder away and leave the 7 candle to get mealted which will be blue,white and red candle’s.then after mealing you pack all the mealted candle together with the white pieces of clothe and throw it into any river of any kind close to you and after three days she will start loving you. Please send your details fast so i can start your job.

I am from Tema Ghana.

And finally, I sent a “sorry, changed my mind” message, which elicited this response:

it will work 100% guaranteed okay can you get half of the money just want to let you no that my spell is 100% guaranteed.

Half off! It’s like a cyber-Monday promotion! Still, if he’s really good at casting spells, why can’t he just cast a spell that will have me find $400 that I can then wire to him for this love spell? Or for that matter, why doesn’t he cast a spell on his bank account so that $100/hr magically and mysteriously is added?

Then again, perhaps flowers and a nice card are more effective and considerably less expensive. 🙂