Sleeping Arrangements on Holiday

We’ve taken a few days off to come out to Southern California and visit with my Dad. My sister’s flown in from the far north and instead of being jammed into a hotel room or two, we used the great resource that is Vacation Rent by Owner and rented a very nice three-bedroom condo just across from the beach and only about 20min from my Dad’s place inland.

When we got here it turned out to be a nicer place than we expected (always a good surprise!) and it’s quite a cute unit with its full kitchen, living area and three quite decent size bedrooms. The master bedroom has a king size bed, second room has a queen, and the office has two single beds in it.

The master bedroom also has a small patio facing the ocean. In fact, here’s the view off that little patio:

beach view from our condo patio

Of course, my initial vision was “sweet, I get the master bedroom, of course”. But that’s not quite how it worked out…

My sister was quite willing to share a room, but honestly, she doesn’t need to bunk with one of my kids, so she got the smaller single-bed room. Which left four of us to split across two rooms. I proposed the little one K- sharing the big bed with me, but she was far more enthusiastic about sharing with her big sister A-.

So I did what any self-respecting Dad did. I caved. And gave the girls the master bedroom (and their own bathroom).

G-, my 12yo son, and I now have the “Dude Room”, which is actually the one with the least comfortable beds in the place, and I’m sleeping on a mattress that’s most definitely too short for me. But ya know what? We’re on holiday, so it’s no big deal.

Somehow, though, I still want to be the king and have a room to myself on a holiday. Just once. 🙂

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