Shrinking Dad Week 6: Progress, Progress

week 6 weight: nutrisystemSix weeks into my Nutrisystem program and there’s definite progress both on the scale and in my appearance. To recap, I started at 267.5 pounds. Today I weighed in at 254.0, a loss of 13.5 pounds in six weeks, or 2.25 pounds/week.

My target weight was “under 250” when I started, but at this rate, I’ll hit that in the next two weeks — which is great! — and still have two months left on the sponsored four month program. At this rate, I’ll be under 240 when I’m done, an unimaginably lower weight, and a whopping 27 pounds lighter than when I started. All without chopping an arm off (which I always figured was the fastest way to lose weight, right? 🙂

Whatever my end point ends up being, it’s been a very interesting journey and marks the first time in my life I have really, actively paid attention to not just what I eat, but how much I’m eating too. As I’ve said before, it’s not so much that I have been eating the wrong things, my diet’s always been pretty healthy, but that the quantity has always been more than necessary.

Part of the problem? Eating out. I eat out a fair bit, typically at least one meal each day. It’s part of my digital nomad, no office lifestyle, and it’s definitely influenced by the fact that lunches and dinners are prime meeting venues too. In fact, in a typical work week I’ll have meetings over meals at least a half-dozen times.

If you imagine that each time I eat 2x to 3x the calories I actually need for a given meal, that’s a lot of extra calories and, well, the energy intake needs to go somewhere, and that was my waist. So while the Nutrisystem meals seem a bit like MREs (that’s “meals, ready to eat”, military parlance) or how I prefer to describe them, “camping food”, they’re also small, rational portions and I’m finding that I need to eat quite a bit less food than I believed to be full and satisfied.

Anyway, that’s this week’s update — including a pic of today’s weight from my Withings wifi scale — and as my kids are off on spring break with their mom, I’m planning on sticking closely to the Nutrisystem meal plan and going to the gym every day, if possible. Stay tuned, maybe I’ll exceed that 2.25 pound weekly average!

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  1. Awesome, Dave. That is great progress. I really believe in vegetables, and your story is very inspiring. I think these programs help people get a good grasp on portion sizes, which is great for habit changing. Keep up the good work!

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