Slowly but surely, I’m shrinking

Dave Taylor, holding Beats headphones
I’m slimming down nicely…

Having just seen Oz: The Great and Powerful [see my review] I have The Wizard of Oz on my mind and when I look at the title of this blog entry, I can hear the Wicked Witch whining “I’m meeeeelllttttiinnngggg!” In fact, my Shrinking Dad Project is progressing, but with a bit less drama.

This week’s weight mark is 257.8, so good progress, another week where I’m down a bit less than 2 pounds, but the difference is that I’m really starting to see physical progress, with lots of friends commenting on how I look slimmer and the part I like best, the belt-hole test: when I started I was on the second hole of my belt. This morning I realized that being on hole #4 was insufficient to keep my pants from slipping down (oops!) so I’m now on hole #5. There’s only one more hole and I’m going to have to get a smaller belt. Nice problem to have for sure.

As I’ve slimmed down, I am finding that my overweight guy strategy of not tucking in my shirt has gone by the wayside. Now my shirt’s tucked into my pants just about all the time, a nice change. If you’re overweight, you know exactly what I’m talking about here, the idea that if your shirt is tucked into your pants when you have a big belly just seems to emphasize how much extra stomach you have, so you just leave your shirt untucked. Now it’s not an issue. Or, more fairly, becoming not an issue at a nice rate.

My goal for the program is to drop 20lbs and given that today marks four weeks of sixteen, I’m happy with my progress. I’m aiming to go below 250lbs and at my current rate of loss, I can see that happening in a month or so. I mean, there’s only seven pounds between that and my current weight and at 1.5lbs/week, well, you can do the math too.

And to keep the big goal in mind, yes, I continue to lose weight and slim up, exactly my goal. In fact, I’m rather astonished at how much progress I’ve had in a single month, dropping a few inches off my waist and over ten pounds. I realize that all of these programs start out strong and then you transition to a slower weight loss, but it’s still trending in the right direction, and that’s the best possible news!

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