Eleven weeks on Nutrisystem and I’ve lost 20 pounds

247 pounds!Had a burst of weight loss in the last week and a bit and am happy to report that I’ve hit that twenty pound mark, in less than three months, thanks to both Nutrisystem.com and my upped workout schedule. I still eat out quite frequently, often multiple meals a day, actually, but I’m far more careful to order something healthy, low-calorie and reasonably portioned on the menu. I’m also noticing that I’m doing a lot less “parental cleanup” where in the past I would always finished whatever food my kids didn’t eat at a meal. Now we just get the remnants to go, and even if I toss away a perfectly good half-bowl of mac & cheese or half an Italian sandwich, it’s not a crisis and the results, well, they speak for themselves.

As I’ve written about before, I’ve also been amping up my workouts at the gym. So I’m not just going every day now, I’m also aiming to burn off more calories when I’m working out. It’s a tricky balance because I want to work on my cardio health, which requires workouts that have my heart rate at 125-140 bpm, but every single cardio machine in the gym also has charts that show that fat loss comes from a lower intensity workout with my heart at closer to 100-105bpm. So theoretically I should be doing the lower impact workout where my heart rate is little bit above my resting rate, but if I’m on the machine, well, kicking it up a bit is more engaging and rewarding. So there it is. In fact, over the weekend the treadmill calculator showed I’d burned 603 calories — in 33min — by going at a good clip uphill the entire time.603 calories on a treadmill

Whatever the background science, I’ve lost twenty pounds since I started. My starting weight was 267.8 and as you can see in the Withings weight display, I’m at 247.6, 30.8 BMI, 28.3% fat. My max fat reading so far was 32.5% and my max BMI was 32.8. Frankly, whatever the numbers, I feel better, I look slimmer and I kinda like all the compliments my friends keep paying me about being more trim and about how even my face is slimmer now.

I’ve set a weight goal of 240 pounds by my birthday in August and I figure that’s quite easily achieved. In fact, since Nutrisystem is sponsoring my weight loss for four months, I have 5 more weeks on the program and who knows, we’re only talking about 7.6 pounds at this point, so perhaps I can achieve that target weight by mid-June and work on getting even slimmer as a birthday present to myself.

In any case, great progress, and surprisingly easy, even for us self-employed parents. Thanks, NS Nation! 🙂

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FTC Disclaimer: Nutrisystem is supplying my program free of charge in return for my participation in the Nutrisystem Nation blogger program.

One comment on “Eleven weeks on Nutrisystem and I’ve lost 20 pounds

  1. While it is true that lower intensity workouts are more efficient at burning fat than high intensity workouts, High intensity workouts are probably better for you overall. You gain more muscle, which will over the longterm burn more fat. You gain more aerobic power, which will allow you to go faster still, and burn more calories overall. You just might not be burning them QUITE as efficiently as a low intensity workout. You will still probably burn MORE doing high intensity.

    Anyway, keep up the good work! I have contemplated Nutrisystem, but have never made the plunge.

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