Ten Weeks, 17.6 Pounds

4-20-dataThis week’s update on my Shrinking Dad Project shows that I’m fighting a bit of a plateau in my weight, but have juuuuussstt barely squeezed below the 250lb mark, weighing in this morning at 249.9. I’ll take what I can get, that 1/10th of a pound counts! I figure if I shave my head, that’ll probably drop another pound, at least. Or, maybe I’ll just proceed with Nutrisystem. 🙂

This is another week that I have gone to the gym every single day and worked out for at least 30min, usually 45min or so (making it an in-and-out hour). Of course, this week I also got into my first argument ever at the gym, with a mama bear defending her teen daughter who was using cardio equipment without having signed up for the machine as is supposed to happen. Mom was indignant, refused to have her daughter step off, and — most impressively — actually erased my name from the signup sheet, replacing it with her own.

My goal at the gym is to relax and work out, not to get into fights, so at that point I just switched from the treadmill to the elliptical, but on the way out I talked with the gym staff and they were pretty shocked that someone would have the chutzpah to erase a name from the signup sheet and replace it with their own. Yeah, me too. Dork.

Anyway, I’m psyched to finally get below 250, it’s been a ridiculously long time since I was on the lower side of this target weight and it feels good, I have to say. In fact, I’ve noticed that I’m at the innermost hole on my favorite belt and am ready to punch another one, or buy a new belt. Definitely a good problem to have.

feb 16 weight dataBetter, I’ve been having a lot of people tell me how they can see the weight loss in my face. Not sure how to interpret that — did I have a fat face? — but it’s got to be good until a point when I look drawn and gaunt, right?

This week I also wanted to check in on percentage of body fat. The Withings didn’t work at the very beginning, so my first data point is from the second week I was on Nutrisystem. At that time, I had 67.1% lean mass and a fat percentage of 32.9%. Today the scale shows 71% lean mass and 29% fat. It calculates BMI (body mass index) but since I don’t remember entering my height into the Withings scale, that calculation seems questionable.

Instead, I’ll do it myself, based on the formula at The Centers for Disease Control: “Calculate BMI by dividing weight in pounds (lbs) by height in inches (in) squared and multiplying by a conversion factor of 703”. I’m 6’3″ so that’s 75 inches. Squared is 5625, so my starting weight of 267.5 gave me a BMI of (267.5/5625)*703 = 33.43, and my current BMI is (249.9/5625)*703 = 31.23.

Doing just a bit more math, the CDC says a healthy BMI is 20-25. 25. Yeah, really. That’d put me at a weight of  200 even. (I’m calculating that as (target BMI / 703) * 5625 btw. Sorry, CDC, I really can’t see losing another 50 pounds without be really skinny, not a healthy weight. As with most of these “one size is supposed to fit all” the formula doesn’t take into account muscle mass, body type, and other physical variations between people.

Meanwhile, a target BMI of 30 sounds good, though, and that’s a much more rational weight: 240 pounds. And that, my friends, is my new weight loss target. 🙂

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