Two months in, I’ve lost over 15 pounds.

February 8 I started this journey, weighing in at 267.5 pounds. This morning I weighed in at 251.9 pounds. That’s a bit more than 15 pounds that I’ve dropped in eight weeks. Which is pretty darn nice. Last week I tipped the scales at 254.1.

I am a slight bit disappointed because I’ve had two weeks without kids — they’ve been on an extended spring break with their Mom out of state — and was hoping to hit 250, but that goal’s in sight, and my overall Nutrisystem weight loss goal of dropping 20 pounds seems quite attainable, possibly within the next month or so.

Here’s my progress visually (remember that it took me a week to get the Withings WS-30 scale reporting properly, which is why the starting weight is off):

weight loss chart

To be candid, I don’t feel like I’ve been missing much in the food department. Sure, a burger would be nice, or a few slices of pizza, but last weekend I had some pals over and we had a pizza for dinner. I had a slice and that was fine.

In fact, as I’ve written about before, if there’s one thing I’ve been learning about food, diet and nutrition it’s that I’ve been eating way more food per meal than I need. Those big sandwiches? Half is plenty. That plate of fries? Turns out a small handful is a quite satisfying portion.

I’ve also been experimenting with more frequent visits to the gym while I’ve had these few weeks off from children, and in the last 13 days I’ve been to the gym 12 times. I’m the FourSquare mayor of my gym and can’t see anyone else knocking me off the throne. 🙂

It’s a nice groove to get into, actually, easy enough to work into my schedule and based on my heart rate as I’m doing a 30-45 min workout, really good for my cardiovascular health too. A win:win, and something I never expected, becoming a gym rat.

When I started this journey, I expected the food regimen to be a pain and for me to lose weight far more slowly than I have. In fact, I’ve learned that a lot of cafe’s are quite happy to microwave my Nutrisystem meals, and that there are even some coffee houses that have a customer-accessible microwave which makes it a breeze. So far, so good.

And I’ve sure eaten a lot of carrots and celery. 🙂

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  1. Fifteen pounds might sound like less than you had hoped for but put it in perspective – that is the average size of a family thanksgiving turkey!, 15 pounds of butter, or a fifteen pound weight at the gym. It has taken years to slowly attach itself to your body and it will not go without a fight. You are doing great Dave and for you Nutrisystems has been perfect to jump start you into healthier patterns. There will always be those amazing dinners tempting you but just remember to portion and walk away. Tasting something can be just as satisfying as eating the whole portion. Keep up the good work!

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