Cheesy Cheetos Art with Chester Cheetah

After our great success with the Snackadium we made — see We Make a Snackadium for the Playoffs — we’ve apparently become master food sculptors and artists. That’s the only reason I can come up with as to why the cool cats at Life of Dad invited us to join in on the Cheetos Mix-Ups Art Challenge!

The rules were simple: they sent us a bag of Cheetos Mix-Ups Cheezy Salsa snack mix (a combination of four different flavors and styles of crisp cheese snacks: Crunchy Salsa Picante, Cheddar Puffs, Chipotle Cheddar Grids and Jalapeño Cheddar Mini-Puffs) and we had to make “cheesy” art out of it.

After some exploration and brainstorming, I was ready to crush the different flavors to make different color sand (essentially) and try my hand at a Mondrian or, when I was feeling particularly ambitious for a few minutes, a Van Gogh, possibly Starry Night. Yeah, that didn’t last long.

Meanwhile, my genius children A- (16) and G- (13) had decided on a cheetah face, and what better surface to create it on than the box from a cheese pizza we had delivered?

So here we are, step by step, producing our cheesy portrait of Chester Cheetah!

First up, the raw materials, in all their glorious colors:

Cheetos Mix-Ups

We actually ended up sorting them so we could work faster, but initially it was like a sort of rainbow of moon rocks or something, a really interesting texture. And to think, I wanted to crush them all down to powder. Moon dust. Yeah. Not so much.

Then A- copied the cartoon cheetah face onto the pizza box:

Chester Sketch

She’s such a talented artist, she didn’t think twice about resizing the image to fit the box as she went. 🙂

Once she was done. G- took over and inked it with a permanent marker so we could see what we were doing:

Cheetah Inking

Once he was done we were ready to start arranging the different flavors and shapes of Cheetos to fit as best we could:

Cheetah, face outline

Different colors made it far more interesting, as you can see in this photo in process:

Spelling out Chester's name

Once we finished spelling out Chester’s name, it was time for a quick Instagram break:

Instagram break!

Back to work it didn’t take too long to fill in the missing pieces, and voila! The finished masterpiece:

Finished: Chester Cheetah out of Cheetos

I’m impressed with the creativity and imagination of my kids. Not only did they help me create this (well, they kinda did most of the work) but they didn’t snarf down all the Cheetos along the way.

Now, Life of Dad, is this a winning cheesy art piece or what? And as for you, dear reader, go check out all the entries in the contest. Amazing. That’s a lotta Cheetos!

Disclaimer: Life of Dad sent us the Cheetos. That’s it. No money, no gift cards, no obligation to even eat the entire bag of cheese snacks. Just a bag of Cheetos. In a big white box.

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