Family Happiness, The Fortune Cookie Edition

limetree logoI’m participating in a fun little competition that my pal Pedro Veloso’s company Limetree is running, a competition where you are asked to “Post 140 character about family happiness on your blog”.

As Samuel Clemens is reputed to have said, ” I didn’t have time to write a short letter, so I wrote a long one instead.” That rather applies here: it’s easier for me to natter on for a few hundred words about what family and happiness means to me, but in 140 characters? That’s, like, a tweet, man.

Then again, I think I can handle it, having sent over 20,000 tweets on my @DaveTaylor twitter account. Indeed, here’s my first stab:

Family Happiness is love, with all its chaos and turbulence.

Hmm… or…

Family Happiness is that moment when the sun bursts through the clouds: Glorious and amazing.

I dunno, maybe that first one’s better.


Family Happiness is the sparkle of a diamond, why you treasure the jewel in the first place.

Dunno. Which one? Which do you think is a better entry in their competition? If I win, I could score a new iPad Mini. And who doesn’t want an iPad Mini? 🙂

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