Nutrisystem Week Fourteen: Shrinking Dad Indeed

243.1 poundsI started out at 268 pounds at the beginning of February. Today, May 20, I’m at 243 pounds. That’s a loss of 25 pounds. In fourteen weeks. Calculate that out and, on average, I’ve lost 1.8 pounds/week.


Those of you who are paying attention to my weight journey here on my blog will recall that my goal for my four months on Nutrisystem was to be “around 240 pounds”. Well, with two weeks left to go I’m sure getting close. In fact, as you can see from my Withings reading this week, I’m at 243.1 which means it’s not much of a step to get down to 242.

Actually, if 1.8 pounds is my average weight loss, I should be able to slip in just under 240 by the time I hit my 16 week mark. Amazing.

I’ve also been using a really slick Withings WS30 wifi scale that calculates weight, body mass index (even though that’s probably a fairly useless measure, as I’ve written about before) and percentage of body fat. All useful to track and the online graphs and mobile app make it fun and easy. But this week a new Withings scale showed up, the WS50. This one’s black instead of white (see pic below) and adds a few more interesting data points: heart rate and air quality.

Yes, it’s sitting on the floor in the bathroom and it’s measuring air quality.

Withings WS-50 Smart Body Analyzer
Withings WS-50 Smart Body Analyzer

Hmmm… did they think that through? 🙂

Actually, it’s measuring CO2 — carbon monoxide — levels and while I can’t find an hour-by-hour measure through the app, the scale itself shows this data and it’s fascinating to see how in the middle of the night my CO2 is at zero, while in the middle of the day it’s high enough for the scale to flag “bad” air quality. Meanwhile, 40′ away, my high-end Kidde CO2 detector hasn’t budged from its reading of 0 since I installed it (see my video). I’ll be asking Withings what it all means, needless to say.

Oh! And last week I said I’d post a photo of the slimmer me. Here I am, and this is from a few weeks ago:

Dave Taylor on Pearl Street Mall, Boulder CO

Now it’s time to finish my smoothie and get to the gym for my daily workout!

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5 comments on “Nutrisystem Week Fourteen: Shrinking Dad Indeed

  1. So how are you liking the system? Is it fulfilling and delicious? Or a miserable thing to be tolerated to help ge the weight down?

  2. Fair question, Joshua. I have to say that the food’s generally quite acceptable and occasional quite good. My faves include the lasagne with beef and the (frozen) cinnamon rolls. A few things haven’t cooked properly, notably cups of freeze dried pasta, but I attribute that to altitude. Is it top-end gourmet food? No. But it’s not anywhere near as bad as you may expect. 🙂

  3. Dave, I think if you look closely you will see the scale measures CO2 (Carbon Dioxide), while the Kidde measures CO (Carbon Monoxide).

    CO2 is what we exhale and higher levels might mean the air is stale. CO is the dangerous gas produced as a result of combustion that will kill you if it gets too high. Keep the CO at zero and you will live. Let the CO2 rise up and maybe you will not feel as energetic.

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