Shrinking Dad Project: Week 15 Update

241 poundsRather to my surprise, I’m long past the 25 pound mark and heading towards a total loss of 30 pounds in three months. This slightly late update to week 15 marks me weighing in at 241.0 pounds. Remember, I started out the beginning of February at 268.7 pounds. I’ll let you do the math but I knew years ago that losing weight was going to be this straightforward (that’s 9lbs/month) I would never have gotten that heavy in the first place.

The goal I’d set for myself was 25 pounds and I’ve already passed that a few weeks ago, so trying not to overwhelm, I set my Withings mobile app weight loss goal to 240 pounds by my birthday on August 3. But I’ll be way past that by then. In fact, I think I should hit 240 by the end of this week at my current weight loss rate, so I’ve adjusted that goal to 230 pounds. Why not?  That’d mark almost 40 pounds lost. Amazing, really. But let’s get there before I break out the party hats and cupcakes!

It’s interesting that I feel like a bit of a slacker with my Nutrisystem diet nonetheless, with my daily non-fat latte or chai and my evening handful of carrots and hummus and occasional noshing on mixed nuts. But I’m also pushing hard at the gym, going every single day and generally for 45+ minutes of aggressive cardio workout + weights. And sometimes I just aim for a specific calorie goal: This morning I hit the treadmill, 15-degree incline, 3.7mph, for 30 minutes. That’s 600 calories burned at my body weight. Helpful!

Dave Playing PandemicI had some friends over for board games over the Memorial Day weekend and we had a good time playing — but not winning — the cooperative game Pandemic. During the game, my friend Joel snapped a pic of me and I’m sharing it here so you can see how much things have changed. When I look in the mirror I don’t see a huge difference, but people keep telling me how much slimmer I look. Which, yes, is pretty nice to hear.

At this point there’s a rhythm to my experience too, one that’s proven quite easy to follow. Now I grab a cheese stick, an apple, or a handful of carrots, get the non-fat drink and skip dessert, but when I started out, I can still remember getting The Big Box from Nutrisystem and being completely bewildered. In fact, I think I joined the discussion group and posted a few questions about how to proceed (but figured it out without checking for an answer).

Which reminds me: Part of the Nutrisystem experience is a busy online community site that I do not participate in. I feel like I already have a ton of support, especially from my teen daughter A-, who loves to go to the gym with me and with whom I talk about food, eating and portions just about every single day. She’s a good cook too, so sometimes I veer off the Nutrisystem boxes and grab a bowl of chicken soup she’s made, some stir fry or similar. Without that local support circle, I imagine that the online community would be super helpful, so definitely check it out.

And finally, next week will be mark my four month mark and the completion of my relationship with Nutrisystem. Four months and a dramatic, life-changing difference in my weight, health and image. For that, I’ll be producing a video rather than another writeup like this, so stay tuned for that. One more week. Sweet.

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FTC Disclaimer: Nutrisystem is supplying my program free of charge in return for my participation in the Nutrisystem Nation blogger program.

One comment on “Shrinking Dad Project: Week 15 Update

  1. Sweet, indeed, ‘dad’, and a hearty THANK YOU for taking good care of yourself on behalf of your children’s children’s children! Having your daughter to share and discuss is a huge plus, I’ll bet; differing from a spouse or partner that might try to impose their ideas or methods on you, per ‘their experience’. You’re living a charmed life, Dave, go bet on a sure thing~

    P.S. ROCK ON!

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