Three months and I’m slimming up nicely

247.0 poundsYesterday marked three months on Nutrisystem, three months of really focusing on my food, going to the gym more frequently and even increasing my workouts to attain my goal. When I started, my four month goal was to lose 20 pounds, a goal I attained in less than three.

This week I was a bit surprised to find that I lost less than a pound compared to last week’s weight, weighing in at 247.0 pounds, but that’s how it goes some weeks. I figure that if things stay on schedule, next week I’ll be down a few pounds, which is good. For now, however, the Withings scale teeters between 246.9 and 247.0. Given that my new goal is 240 pounds by my birthday (August), I think it’s quite attainable. 12 weeks to lose 7 pounds? I can do that faster!

Because of the oddities of timing and deliveries, I’m starting week 13 of Nutrisystem and am still waiting for my fourth month food shipment to arrive. But it’s okay, I have another week’s worth of food in this batch. The upside? Four months of Nutrisystem is going to last at least 18 weeks, if not 20. Which means I should be able to get down to 240 before that 16 weeks of food have run out.

Meanwhile, I’ve really changed my behaviors in this first three months, now getting to the gym just about every single day, rain or shine, for 45+ minute workouts, which has not only helped me drop my body fat percentage (from 31% down to 29%) but has undoubtedly improved my cardiovascular health too. Truth be told, at my starting weight of almost 270lb and sedentary lifestyle I was at serious risk of heart problems.

But now? Definitely on my way to being considerably more healthy.

And next week we’ll see if I can hit 245. Who knows. And I’ll post a full torso photo too, so you can see what I’m talking about!

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