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Dave Taylor wearing an England Soccer jerseyEver since I’ve started to slim up, I’ve been finding that I enjoy wearing “sports” t-shirts more. There are a remarkable number of different performance fabrics available too, from big brands like Under Armour and Nike to small custom design houses. I started with one or two of these tops and now have about a dozen of them.

Because they’re more expensive than regular t-shirts, performance athletic shirts have a ton of options for customization. In other words, pick a color, pick a sport, pick a design, pick your favorite team, etc.

As anyone who follows me on social media knows, my sports team enthusiasm is focused on soccer, generally English (Premier League, Tottenham Hotspur. COYS!) so when custom sports apparel retailer Prep Sportswear contacted me about its range of products, I was quite interested to check out what they had to offer.

I learned that Prep Sportswear isn’t just big, but in fact offers the largest array of custom fan apparel and school spirit wear in the industry, featuring zillions of high schools, colleges, sports teams, Greek, military, destination and more. Not enough? It also offers endless logo possibilities on t-shirts, hoodies, iPad & iPhone skins, gym bags, blankets, towels and more.

Of course, then you run the risk of ending up looking like those creepy twins who dress alike when your iPhone case, gym bag, t-shirt and hat are all the same color and design, but for some people there is no limit to their devotion to a team, college or sport. You know who I’m talking about, they have their faces painted and are screaming at the big game. God help them.

I’m not that level of obsessed, but still, once I started digging into the site, including its great selection of vintage sports designs, I was hooked.

Using the shirt customization tool, I created an England Soccer performance athletic shirt and, as you can see in the photo, it came out great and is definitely sharp. Better, the graphic is cooked into the fabric so my best guess is that 50 passes through the laundry later, it’ll still look good.

Which is a good thing because once Prep sent me the shirt, I had tangible proof of its quality and design prowess. I think it’s pretty nice. What’s your take?

Disclaimer: Prep Sportswear offered me the chance to pick a custom t-shirt and then made it and shipped it to me without charge. A definite win.

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