To My Surprise, I Lost Weight on Holiday…

I can only say that my daughter must be a great influence, because we just got back yesterday afternoon from our 9-day college road trip and this morning I stepped on the scale with more than a smidge of trepidation. I figured I’d probably have gained a pound or two with my Ghiradelli hot fudge sundae consumed in Monterey, California (and totally worth it!) and various snacky things including some late night cookies at my Dad’s house.

Quite to my surprise, however, the outcome was different:

weight loss

As you can see, the 239.1 weight was from prior to our holiday, and then the few days before we left I actually went up a bit (look at the pink line) to about 240. Driving, walking, walking some more, and, in the second half of our trip, going to the gym daily paid off: I dropped 3 1/2 pounds while we were away.

Yes, I was surprised!

Then again, my Nike Fuelband shows the story too, that we were far from sedentary during that period of time:

nike fuelband activity data

In fact, my best day ever with the Fuelband was while we were on holiday too, June 21st. What did we do that day? We walked from our hotel in North Monterey along the beach to the Aquarium, all over Monterey, then back to the hotel. A solid 11mi.

What’s great is that my as-yet-unstated goal is to get to 230 pounds and assess where I am. That’ll mark just about 40 pounds lost since February of this year, and weighing in at 235.9 means that goal is very much in sight and if I keep up the momentum through these hot summer days, I could achieve it by the beginning of autumn, which would be terrific. Then who knows?

In any case, I have to say that I love the data I can now collect, thanks to Nike and Withings (the WS50 is the wifi scale I use that logs all my weight data on their server so I can analyze and see trends). It’s an amazing new world for people seeking to regain their fitness, no question.

And as for how this weight loss is changing my body? Well, I went into the Polo / Ralph Loren outlet mall while we were in California and bought some new shorts for myself. Doesn’t sound like much, but when I was at my starting weight, they’d never have had any in my size so being able to get “normal size” shorts is a delightful thing and one I am cheered by.

Now, let’s get that last 5.9 pounds and see where things are…

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  1. Congrats on the weight loss! You look great! Amazing! I’m not sure if you plan on sticking with Nutri System indefinitely, but another useful resource I’d recommend is Mark Sisson’s book and blog. He advocates the Paleolithic plan in which one basically sticks to eating the foods that we evolved to eat. I lost 15 lbs 4 years ago following a post divorce weight gain, and have kept it off by generally adopting his plan. I do the 80% rule…pizza, dessert, wine etc on weekends but Paleo the rest of the week. It consists mainly of meat, poultry, fish, good fats (like avocado and natural oils), nuts, seeds, veggies, cheese, and eggs and is LOW on sugars, complex carbs, and processed foods. He also has good info about Paleo style strength and cardio training. Think cave man chasing bear or rolling stones to cave type workout. I just follow the diet piece and stubbornly stick to my trusty running/spinning and weight workout that I’ve had for years, but his followers swear by his ” Grok” style exercise regime.

    My kiddos, 10 and 13, also eat 80% Paleo and have gone from slightly chunky to zero excess weight. There was a period of adjustment and grumbling when I mostly banned pasta, bread, chips, crackers, but now steak with a half baked potato (simple carb ok) and broccoli with cheese is the norm!
    We do treats on Fri. and Sat. only.

    Congrats again! Fantastic results!

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