Coolest Box of the Week: Loot Crate

loot crateI get so many packages and boxes that I think UPS is going to just make my house a special stop for all its trucks. I mean, odds are they’ll have something for us loaded, so why bother worrying about optimizing the delivery routes? Just stop every time instead. 🙂

Lots of what I get is pretty cool, including all the review and eval units that vendors and manufacturers send for AskDaveTaylor, but after you’ve seen twenty bluetooth speakers and a dozen iPhone cases all in the same month, yet another one isn’t cause for a case of “dibs!” as the box opens.

Enter Loot Crate. It’s a really fun idea, a random box of goodies related to geeky and gaming stuff. The more you — or the recipient — are into that sort of thing, the more these are going to resonate.

Me? I’m pretty steeped in digital culture and one of my favorite TV shows is The Walking Dead, by coincidence. And my beverage of choice? Just so happens that the chemical formula for it showed up on the included T-shirt.

Here’s what was in ours:


As you can see, there’s a great t-shirt (it’s dark brown, kinda hard to see in the photo) with the chemical formula for caffeine along with a funny gamer-oriented caption, a bunch of stuff from the video game Portal 2, a little character from The Walking Dead, and even some jelly beans.

How can it not be fun to open this box?

Loot Crate offers three levels of subscriptions: monthly, monthly for three months, and monthly for six months. Boxes run about $19/mo including shipping, with the price dropping down for longer subscriptions.

Me? I’d pay $20 for the t-shirt they sent alone, so getting all the other stuff, perfect for my geeky kids (though they deny it, of course) is just a great upside. Does every month include a t-shirt? I don’t think so (you can look on the site to see previous boxes) but based on this one-month box, it’s a terrific gift for the geeky guy or gal in your life.

The real challenge with LootCrate, however, is not having your children run off with the choice pieces. I’m still hoping that my caffeine t-shirt resurfaces, actually.

If you’re shopping for a present for a teen gamer this is a great choice, it’s bound to be a home run.

Disclaimer: Loot Crate sent me a sample box to check out free. I have watched people play Portal 2 but it’s not my kinda game. I still like what they included, though, and if my karma is in alignment, maybe they’ll send us a few more boxes to enjoy too. (hint hint)

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