Video Review: Dyson AM05 Hot+Cool Floor Fan

In which I share my chatty video review of the slick, high-end Dyson AM05 fan, which is by far the most technologically advanced fan — and space heater — I now own:


You’ve probably seen these fans at Bed, Bath and Beyond and other homewares outlets. Next time you do, have a closer look and try to figure out where the air comes from and how it works. Like other Dyson products, it’s quite a feat of engineering and lest you think that hiding the blades means there’s no airflow, that’s completely false too.

Turns out that Dyson has quite a history of engineering too, as highlighted in this video interview with Dyson’s Director of Engineering Alex Knox, wherein he demonstrates how they test out the DC41 unit: Dyson Labs: Behind the Scenes.

Disclaimer: Dyson sent us the AM05 to test in return for this video review. And we’re not sending it back! 🙂

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